SPN SECURITY SERVICES  provided the following services to Corporative bodies, Originations association, and selected householders or individuals.




  • Consultancy on all security aspects and in depth security packages inclusive of surveys, reports and recommendations.
  • Security management and planning
  • Crime prevention advice consultancy
  • Evaluating security shortcomings
  • Talent sporting, selections and vetting of security employees.



  • Private investigations on matrimonial matters
  • Investigations of fraud, fraudulent activities, security audits, spot checks commercial crimes.
  • Loss detection surveys , loss prevention investigations
  • Copy-right violation, illegal duplications, Imitation of good
  • Market survey of presence of potential stolen good or counterfeit items
  • Location of missing person
  • Insurance claims investigations
  • Pre-employment vetting



Comprehensive training of security personnel, guards, body guards, house detectives, plain clothes personnel, cash in transit and potential supervisors.

  • Fire arm training
  • Safety Training
  • Fire Safety Training
  • Martial Art



  • Provision of armed bodyguards to VIP, foreign dignitaries and corporate clients
  • Provision of static guards and security patrols to corporate premises and selected residence.
  • Implementation of security areas accesses system and procedures
  • Escort of cash in transit
  • Collection and delivering or valuables





Cash - in Transit (CIT)

Managing risks from cash-in-transit activities.


Armed Guard

Strong Protection with Armed Guard

Unarmed Guard

Trained in the physical aspects of security


Escort and Personal Body guarding

Trained and experienced in defensive tactics


Private Investigation Body Guarding

Undercover investigation and Personal Protection


Insurance Fraud Investigations

Seeking compensation for false or inflated claims

Overnight Storage and Vaulting

Valuable collections safe

Mobile Patrols

Transit Protection


Neighborhood Security

Protect your house


Tele-contact and security Surveys

Dialing system Protection


Central Monitoring System (CMS )

Propose for Crime & Loss Prevention by real time 24 hours Guarding & Monitoring by Command Centre

Security Product Training and Consultancy

Security consulting services for corporate


Cash Management Services

Real-time and intra-day account


In House Security and House Detective

Outsource Security Deployment

Security Industry Training and career Development Centre

Enthusiastic security experts


Pre Employment Screening Services

Employment Background Checks


IT Security

Cyber Security Protection

Global positioning Systems (GPS )

Satellite-based Navigation System


 Security Insurance Brooking

Protect your assets


 Fire and Safety Management

Safety against fire, industrial occupational


 Public Complaints Bureau and Legal Advisory services

Consumer rights and guarantees

Protection Dogs Services

Protection and Working Dogs are trained exactly by Detector Training Centre

Airport Screening Services

Risk-based security measures to identify, mitigate and resolve potential threats at the airport security checkpoint