Security Courier Services

We understand that many of our clients have concerns over the security of their document parcels and shipments, especially when that envelope or box contains something extremely valuable or sensitive. For these documents, a typical courier service or shipping company will not meet the requirement, you need security courier services designed to ensure that your parcel or envelope arrives at its destination safely and securely.


SPN Security offers a guarantee that your essential documents, packages or valuables will arrive at their intended destination in a safe, secure and timely manner.


Our security courier services are ideal for a range of different situations, including:

  • Attorney to Attorney Documents
  • Attorney to Client Documents
  • Medical records and sensitive personal information;
  • Banking records and sensitive financial information;
  • Sensitive Equipment Shipment
  • Precious Metals movement
  • Packages containing valuables, money, checks or irreplaceable items and anything else that requires a secure, prompt transit!

Whether you’re sending legal documents to an office down the street or require someone to transport sensitive shipments to international destinations, SPN Security will complete the mission in a professional and discrete manner.


Our Security Delivery Service

  • You will always know exactly who is coming to pickup your goods (by facial recognition and electronic tagging devises)
  • Your goods remain under full escort until they are safely delivered into the hands of the designated receiver. SPN Security couriers will check the ID of the recipient before handing over the goods. They will also obtain validated receipts.


Our Merchant Secure Delivery Service

Retailers, wholesalers and commercial organisations are losing millions of dollars each year to criminals using fraudulent credit cards. It is a well-known fact the Banks offer no protection whatsoever to Merchants -- especially where telephone orders and mail orders are concerned.

Merchants are unable to even check the ID of the card-holder, because the Banks insist that such information is confidential. Fraudulent transactions result in the Bank taking the money from the sale out of the Merchant’s account. The appeal process is long and generally unsuccessful.

  • Security Couriers Services will pickup the goods from your store or warehouse
  • They will sight the customer’s card and a second form of photographic ID
  • Obtain a signed docket
  • Deliver the goods to the customer
  • Return the signed docket to your office

If the sale is contested, Merchants will be able to instantly prove delivery and not suffer a loss.

Security Courier services by SPN Security is only cost effective for goods Valued at RM1000.00 upwards.

Our Services available from SPN Security Couriers

  • Pickup and delivery of banknotes, stocks and bonds
  • Pickup and delivery of prestige cars and motorcycles
  • Pickup and delivery of school exam papers
  • Pickup and delivery of Government documents transport and disposal
  • Secure documents disposal
  • Pickup and delivery of Police and law enforcement documents
  • Pickup and delivery of secure documents
  • Pickup and delivery of legal and commercially sensitive documents
  • Race horses and greyhounds transport and protection
  • Pickup and delivery of concert and film production equipment
  • Pickup and delivery of dangerous goods, firearms, explosives
  • Pickup and delivery of art, antiques, collections, museum artifacts, decorative arts
  • Pickup and delivery of pets