Maritime Security

SPN Security is acutely aware of the economic and global importance of the maritime industry.

SPN Security is positioned to understand the maritime security issues of the Indian Ocean, the Malacca Straits,the North and South Pacific Oceans, and the Southern Ocean. We are also aware of the developing economic importance of the Timor and Arafure Seas, and are in an ideal location to serve these areas.

SPN Security has substantial experience in relation to maritime security. The academic and operational backgrounds of SPN Security’s management enable us to provide:

  • Development and Review of Maritime Security Plans for ports, Harbours, Ships and Shipping companies
  • Facilities of Table top Exercises to test the Plans
  • Anti-piracy services for Ships, off-shore platforms or FPSO’s
  • Negotiation and recovery resulting from hostage and kidnap situations

SPN Security also have the capability to conduct:

  • Marine surveillance and intelligence gathering for companies involved in Maritime Operations
  • Asset recovery