Armed Bodyguard Services

Armed bodyguards also called personal protection officers.They are trained professionals who are responsible for protecting the principal. The SPN Security bodyguards are responsible for taking whatever measures are necessary to keep the principal safe While the police provide some protection, they are limited in how well they can protect individual citizens and there are times when greater protection is necessary. Those who have legitimate concerns about terrorism, kidnapping or civil unrest might wish to hire a bodyguard temporarily for added private security. Bodyguards are specially trained to do whatever is necessary to keep their clients safe. It is also possible for a group to hire a bodyguard who will protect the entire group. The highly trained bodyguards offered by Entourage Executive Protection Security are skilled at blending in with the crowd and can look like a friend or family member.


Armed Bodyguards do not only provide the physical force necessary to perform direct intervention against attacks, but will primarily have the ability to identify potential threats. Whether the bodyguard attempts to blend in or wears a suit is another factor that can be discussed with the client.


Bodyguards VS. Off-Duty Police Officers

Some people might feel that they would rather hire an off-duty police officer as a guard. The problem with this choice is that off-duty police officers are required by law to intervene if they see a misdemeanor or felony being perpetuated. In dangerous situations, only a bodyguard will remain by the client’s side and continue to protect him or her.


Consider Using Entourage Bodyguards

Entourage Executive Protection Security will provide bodyguards for a celebrity, corporate executives who are laying off employees, families traveling to countries that have occasional political instability, protection at meetings among executives and various other forms of protection. While some people might wish to hire an individual bodyguard, the advantage of hiring a security company such as Entourage Executive Protection Security is that the security company will have more resources that can be utilized to keep the client safe.